Jeffrey Liekhus
Portfolio Headings
Movie Themes
WORKING TITLE - Some Sky Is Falling

Major theme: A string of small asteroids strike Earth raising continent-sized dust clouds, tidal waves, and climate change.

Minor theme: Within a year of impact only 1/3 of Earth's human population has survived. World-wide financial, utility and defense systems have collapsed.

Ending: For those left on Earth, human existance has been set back 3,000 years. Only the strong, smart, or beautiful survive.

WORKING TITLE - No Barbarosa

Major theme: Germany does not attack England in 1940 or invade Russia in 1941, dramatically altering the outcome of World War 2.

Minor theme: Jews in Europe and Russia are exterminated completely.

Ending: What would continental Europe be like if Germany occupied only the nations from the North Sea coast to the Mediteranian?

WORKING TITLE - Jesus Alien Christ

Major theme: Jesus, and God The Father, are REAL extraterrestrials from another galaxy. Mother Mary was impregnated by artificial insemination.

Minor theme: The gods from 3,000 years ago were also superior beings from another galaxy.

Ending: Monotheism is in question.


Major theme: An athiest, using a hijacked airliner, detonates a nuclear weapon over Jerusalem. The resulting cataclism wipes out the religious centers of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths.

Minor theme: Since an "unbeliever" committed the act world-wide interreligious striff is undirected. Athiests are persecuted.

Ending: For the first time in 3,000 years the world's major religions are not fighting each other. Religious groups setup centers of faith in their respective home lands, a long distance from one another.

WORKING TITLE - Married To Insanity

Major theme: A married woman succums to the same mental illness that plagued her mother and grandmother - Neurosis. She uses a minor traffic accident to claim "substantial physical dissability". However, 13 doctors find no physical or neurological ailements. She sleeps 16 to 20 hours a day for years.

Minor theme: The woman withdraws from her husband and normal active life. She goes on a campaign to let everyone know she is "physically disabled" and worthy of the credence that it affords her.

Ending: A marraige that was once so wonderful ends in divorce and retribution.